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Road Movie


Materials: suitcase, sound creation, fishing lines.

Luggage is a mobile camp for someone who keeps travelling in a contemporary urban context. It is always a choice of what we carry with us towards another space, another time and in different cultures. Luggage is the personal on-the-go witness.

Road Movie is a film without images, a cinema screening hidden within a suitcase, providing the audience with a cinematographic experience through listening and hearing. Using fourteen participants in the instrumentation, composition and recording, the suitcase, suspended in the air by fishing line and giving the impres- sion of defying gravity, delivers a continuous sound diffusion at an average hu- man standing/walking height.

On the surface, the case is covered with stickers from cities and events across the world, a sense of having travelled widely and a collection of personal experiences.

The suitcase — the original piece of this work is always traveling with the artist. The sound installation is based on real-life materials/surrounds of the artist, where the artist moves, the suitcase follows.

List of participants:

Kristóf Barta, Zoë Carlon, Michaela Dehnert, Weronika Fleszar, Judit Fischer, Anna Helgø, Saori Izawa, Mikaela Wretman Lundgren, Mirren Malcolm-Neale, Susanna Rose McAlpine, Nele Sander, Emily Sofaly, Phoebe Walsh, Rothchild Wong