Each of us has an inner flame that shines a little stronger in the space of a moment, and whose light suddenly shines on the outside, it is what I do not want to lose. I think I can call it humanity, something common amongst us all, something spectacular which can affect us all personally.

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Zejun Yao, artiste interdisciplinaire et curateur, vit et travaille à Paris.

Zejun Yao a pu faire de sa vie une succession de choix complètement libres. Dès son enfance dans sa petite ville natale nichée au bord du fleuve Yangze, les adultes qui l’entourent lui sont d’un grand soutien ce qui lui permet de vivre pleinement ses choix, si variés soit-ils.

Avant son entrée à l’école primaire, il a déjà fait partie de l’équipe de gymnastique de sa ville pendant trois ans. En grandissant il apprend la programmation informatique, dévore de nombreuses oeuvres littéraires et découvre les joies de la photographie. Les longues discussions avec son professeur particulier d’anglais lui apportent ouverture d’esprit et ferme volonté de découvrir le monde. Il travaille un temps qu’éditeur assistant dans un magazine, puis devient chef de projet dans un centre de recherche et de développement de logiciels.

Sa vie prend un tournant majeur lorsqu’il part à étudier à Paris. Il y découvre un lieu nouveau, bouillonnant d’énergie et empreint de liberté. Monte en lui la volonté de créer et de parvenir à partager cette création.

Son travail artistique se nourrit du mélange des sensations et fait souvent référence à la relation entre êtres humains, objets et lieux. Il fait appel à la photographie, à l’installation en art contemporain, à l’image vidéo, à la danse et au spectacle vivant de manière générale pour créer des oeuvres poly-sensorielles et inclassables.

En temps que curateur, il monte et accompagne des projets artistiques à l’international, et souhaite ne pas se limiter à un seul domaine, mais à mixer les disciplines.

Plutôt que de passer et repasser par le même chemin et de continuer à creuser ses empreintes, il préfère rester hors piste. C’est ce risque qui est intéressant. Sa vie est un “work in progress”.

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Zejun Yao, an interdisciplinary, academic artist and curator, based in Paris.

Zejun Yao has been able to use a series of life choices with his own initiative and free will. Hailing from a small town nestled at the edge of the Yangtze River, with a background of supportive family and peers, he has been able to live freely. His childhood consisted of a range of activities; before entering primary school, he participated in a gymnastic team representing his city for three years. Alongside this, he has also made efforts to learn about computer programming, read many literary works and also discover the joys of photography. Therefore, leading him to conduct long discussions with his English tutor which ultimately led onto his determined outlook to travel and discover the world.

His working roles have included: working as an editorial assistant for a magazine, working as a project manager in a research centre and also, working as a software development assistant. However, the most significant part of his life was when he chose to study in Paris. It was in Paris that he discovered a new place, an energetic free city, therefore making him eager to achieve his dreams of sharing his new creations. His innovative ideas are reflected within his artwork, in which he often refers to the relationships between human beings, objects and places. His artworks use a mixture of media, including: photography, contemporary art installations, dance and performing arts, all of which create poly-sensory artworks.

Moreover, in his time working as a curator, he has aimed to support artistic projects abroad, therefore, not limiting himself to one specific area, but a mixture of artistic disciplines. Rather than continue on one path or area of art, he prefers to remain off track keeping his life interesting, describing his life as a “work in progress.”

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彼の人生とは常に「work in progress」である。